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Central enterprises strive to promote resumption of production and maintain global industrial chain stability
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  • Release time: 2020-02-13
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The current situation of new crown pneumonia is.

The world is concerned about China's economy.

The Party committee of the SASAC of the State Council has thoroughly studied and implemented the spirit of instructions issued by general secretary Xi Jinping, and resolutely implemented the decision making plan of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, and implemented the central leading group's response to the new coronavirus infection pneumonia outbreak leading group, guiding the central enterprises to grasp epidemic prevention and control at the same time, and to work hard to resume work and resume production, and strive to maintain stable operation of production and operation. Win the fight against epidemic prevention and control, and make positive contributions to the central enterprises that go abroad. The central enterprises have made every effort to promote resumption and resumption of production, stabilize external demand, strengthen international capacity cooperation, accelerate the construction of overseas key projects, and promote the stability of the global industrial chain and the smooth supply chain.

 WeChat pictures Twenty trillion and two hundred billion two hundred and thirteen million one hundred and ninety-one thousand one hundred and twenty-six

Guaranteed supply!

Fully satisfy the market demand and ensure the safety and stability of the global industrial chain.

Central enterprises play an important role in the global industrial chain.

At present, central enterprises are trying every means to overcome difficulties.

With a sense of responsibility for the high and low industry chain,

Complete orders on time, quality and quantity.

The world has passed the determination and strength of Chinese enterprises to fulfill their promises.

China Railway Construction: on the first day of resuming work, the shield machine will be sent to Russia and Turkey on time.

In the epidemic, China railway construction has tried to give priority to overseas projects and emergency key projects to resume work, so that shield machines can be successfully delivered and delivered on time.

In February 10th, a shield machine exported to Turkey was packaged in the Changsha first industry park of Limited by Share Ltd, China Railway Construction and heavy industry group. It is carrying out a tight loading operation and will be transported to Turkey to take part in the construction of the local tunnel project. The earth pressure balance shield developed by the railway construction heavy industry Co., Ltd., with a diameter of 5.36 meters and a total length of 110 meters, needs to pass through the hard rock strata such as Xuan Wuyan and dacite to meet the European export standards.

In February 1st, the southwest line project of the Moscow subway in China Railway Construction overcame the adverse weather conditions such as severe cold and completed the first shield machine "Dali" on time, and opened the first brigade of the tunnel tunneling.

China Mobile: export rail transportation equipment around the world smoothly executed orders

As one of the most important rail transit equipment enterprises in the world's top 500, a considerable number of countries in the world are using the vehicle products, components and services of intermediate cars.

The Dalian motor company is processing the exported car body of Nigeria Abuja diesel motor train unit.

The long distance passenger car shares 6 export vehicles such as the Boston red and orange line subway, the Melbourne subway in Australia, the double passenger in Sydney, the Israeli metro car and so on.

The Yongji motor company has fully guaranteed the delivery of the first orders, the North American oil field motor orders and the Argentina project orders.

The 2 DF8B cargo diesel locomotives exported to Guinea by the Qishuyan mobile company will arrive at Yantai port before the end of March, and have entered the wiring stage of the total assembly.

The 134 coal hopper cars exported to GWA of Australia by the China motor vehicle Qiqi group are nearing completion, and the last 24 vehicles will be produced in February 15th, and are expected to be shipped and shipped in February 20th.


At present, China Central car is using the actual action to announce: we promised, we will do our best.

Chinese Chemistry: export of important products without interruption

China's chemical engineering industry -- Tianchen Yao long produces ammonium sulfate mainly exported to India, Thailand, Lebanon, Kenya, Nigeria, Garner, Turkey, Tanzania, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia and other countries. Ammonium sulfate is mainly used as fertilizer. It is suitable for all kinds of soil and crops. It can be used as base fertilizer, top dressing and seed fertilizer. It can also be used in textile, leather, medicine and so on. In order to ensure the smooth export of ammonium sulphate in the very period, China's chemical production has not ceased, and actively coordinated labor, dock, logistics and so on. In January, 38212 tons of ammonium sulfate were sold.

China can build: work overtime to run Poland power plant steel structure according to plan supply

During the Spring Festival, China can build the first batch of steel structures to be built in Zhejiang Ostroleka power plant, which is built by the Poland thermal power plant. The steel structure should be delivered on schedule in February 28th. Nearly 150 employees of the Huayi steel structure are sticking to their posts and working overtime to make efforts to ensure their supply in accordance with the established plan.

China Electronics: securing the global storage chip industry chain

China Electronics deep technology is an important supplier of Kingston, Seagate, western data and other industry giants. It provides dynamic storage chip packaging and testing services for Kingston in mainland China. It is the main testing service provider for Kingston DDR4 products, exclusive supply of hard disk magnetic heads for Seagate, supply 50% of Western disk data, and also provides localization for national memory projects. Replace chip sealing business.

Due to the particularity of the business, once the production is shut down, it will have a significant impact on the global industry market. In order to fully support customers, Shenzhen Science and technology maximizes production and business operations during the Spring Festival to ensure that the production line staff rate reaches about 50%, so that the packaging test Nissan can reach 40% of the normal production period, for Seagate PCBA Nissan 170K, and HSA pile head daily production capacity to 28 to 30K, Hookup Nissan can be around 19K, WD disk production capacity of more than 200K, reaching 60% of the daily production capacity during normal production.

China's iron goods: special train of materials has arrived in Hungary, Thailand

In the old fellow railways, more than 8000 tons of rail have been arrived in Thailand in the third batch of iron supply in China, which began to be shipped to Laos in February 5th.

On the Hungarian railway line, China's iron goods and materials special train has arrived in Hungary's capital, Budapest. From February 12th, it began to transport goods to Serbia construction site. During the special period, China's iron products have taken a special train tracking system to keep track of the train situation.

The world looks at China.

China is also looking at the world.

Central enterprises are always concerned about the global market.

Flexible adjustment of production and operation strategy.

Efforts should be made to open up new market space.

Sinopec: focus on global market and stabilize oil and gas supply

Guarantee the economic and safe supply of crude oil resources. We should actively respond to the impact of Libya's resources to stop exports, look for paraffin base alternative resources, protect enterprise needs, optimize the pace of resource procurement, and do well in locking price differentials.

Ensure smooth export of finished oil. We should do a good job in the export of general trade and export processing, effectively stimulate the capacity of refining and chemical enterprises. In the face of the impact of the epidemic on shipowners' arrival in China and the difficulty of shipping rents, we should reduce ship operation batches and maximize the loading capacity of large vessels.

Ensure stable supply of LNG. We should do a good job in the implementation of LNG cargo, simplify the examination and approval procedures, achieve efficient customs clearance, and ensure the maximum supply of domestic natural gas.

Emerging inter China: signing South American stainless steel supply list

A few days ago, Xinxing Group and its Brazil customers successfully signed 87 tons of 310S austenitic chromium nickel stainless steel orders, becoming the largest order for South America in the first time, and refreshed the foreign trade order record. It is reported that the specification chromium nickel stainless steel has good oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance, high temperature resistance and other characteristics.

China Nonferrous Metals: overseas mining projects to achieve a good start

China's Nonferrous Metals Group Congo (gold) invested enterprise, China's largest investment group, the latest mode of operation and the most dynamic development of overseas copper cobalt resources development projects. Through the full process of production, di tile Wa's mining industry achieved a good start in the first month of commercial production. It handled 340 thousand tons of ore and produced 4500 tons of cathode copper. The project was planned ahead of schedule for 150 days in January 15, 2020, and the existing copper metal resources amount to 4 million 600 thousand tons and cobalt metal resources 420 thousand tons.

In the face of the epidemic,

The central enterprises' ability to resist risks has passed the final examination.

It also has gained the trust and friendship of overseas partners.

China Putian: achieving successful overseas order hedging

Recently, China Putian belongs to Putian Dongxin intelligent printing equipment, Dongxin photoelectric overseas business line is running normally, and continues to get new orders.

Among them, a new order from India customers is expected to be delivered in the middle and late 2 months. China Putian has made a certain number of aircraft reserves for long-term partners, coupled with the continuous improvement of production lines and the introduction of an excellent quality management system, enabling enterprises to enhance their anti risk ability. In the face of a sudden outbreak, Putian intelligent printing equipment overseas business successfully avoided risks.

Overseas partners expressed their appreciation for the efforts of the Chinese government and people to unite together and fight against the epidemic. They also trusted more cooperation with Chinese enterprises and refueling for China.

Guarantee period!

The construction of overseas projects is orderly, and the safety production measures are complete and efficient.

As the main force in the construction of "one belt and one road",

Central enterprises adopt various ways.

Ensure the smooth operation of overseas construction projects.

"Eight Immortals crossing the sea, each shows its powers."

China Huadian: organize construction workers to return in batches and coordinate local resources overseas to maintain electricity steadily.

The overseas power generation projects such as China Huadian Kampuchea Er Le se hydropower station and Indonesia Bali Island power plant are strictly in strict accordance with the power dispatching arrangements in the host country. Projects under construction are also advancing in an orderly way.

Among them, Vietnam's two phase 2 * 660 thousand kilowatts of supercritical coal-fired units are the largest overseas projects in China's Huadian construction, and have entered the peak period of project construction. China Huadian organization has returned to domestic management and construction workers in batches, coordinating the local Jianan team in Vietnam to ensure the realization of the project's construction goals.

Three Gorges group: fighting with Pakistan brothers

Callot hydropower station is the priority implementation project of the Sino Pakistani economic corridor. It is the first project of the Three Gorges group and the Chinese hydropower industry to be written into the joint statement of the two governments. After the completion of the power station, it can provide about 3 billion 200 million kilowatt hours of clean electricity annually, and will provide reliable energy support for the economic and social development of Pakistan. While doing epidemic prevention work well, engineering construction is also proceeding in an orderly way.

During the Spring Festival, 896 Chinese builders and 4370 Pakistani builders stayed on the front line of the project to ensure that flood control and flood control targets were held this year. Party members and cadres should go deep into the construction line to carry out various tasks and to live up to the expectations of the people of China and Brazil.

National Electricity Investment: good use of local staff Kazakhstan wind power project Spring Festival no shutdown

By the end of 2019, the state invested 71 billion 170 million yuan in overseas assets. The total installed capacity of overseas investment in power projects is 5 million 210 thousand kilowatts, of which clean energy accounts for 65.1%. 58 overseas institutions and 59% overseas employees. 10 units have contracted for foreign projects, 31 projects under construction, 4 million 710 thousand kilowatts of total installed capacity, and 227 projects contracted for foreign projects.

In Kazakhstan, China's Zhan NAT TASI wind power project recently organized donations to the Hubei endemic area, and nearly 9 employees and family members in Kazakhstan extended their help. Nearly 5 of the 130 workers in the project site were Kazakhstan employees, who did not stop work during the whole Spring Festival holiday, respecting the local customs in Kazakhstan.

General Technology Group: seize the favorable opportunity to promote construction

General Technology Group has reduced the adverse effects of the epidemic to the lowest level in various projects in Bangladesh and Indonesia. For example, the photovoltaic power plant project and the European business center in Hungary, the state of the photovoltaic power plant in Hungary, the affected countries are relatively less affected by the epidemic. The general technology group has been stationed in the project personnel during the Spring Festival to ensure the normal construction of the project. The project booster station has been completed and the installation has passed the Power Grid Corp acceptance.

Dongfang Electric: Indonesia's Bo Ya hang power station project set up catch up plan to ensure delivery on time.

Indonesia's Boya 2 * 660 megawatt hang mouth power station project is supplied by Dongfang Electric Boiler main equipment. In the face of the difficulties caused by the epidemic and the impact on production, Dongfang Electric Company promptly adjusted the work arrangements, formulated a catch up plan, coordinated the production processes of various workshops and processes, decomposed production plans in layers, and formed a class plan and weekly plan. It was responsible to the people, nodding the nodes and taking the initiative to attack, and ensured that the total of 12 components and 340 tons of products could be delivered by the end of May.

China Construction: one person, multiple jobs, mutual compensation, urgent recruitment, training of local staff

In the Angola Caplan Xingang project, the Countermeasures for China's cross construction are: set up special personnel to connect with the Ministry of health and Civil Aviation Administration of Angola, and fully implement the network office. In the face of the situation of Chinese personnel postponed to return to safety, the staff of the Chinese side of the security office will be one person in many positions and complement each other, and at the same time, urgent recruitment and training of safety personnel should be supplemented, so that the project will soon enter a fast construction period. Preparation of man-machine material, process plan, construction plan, logistic support and so on.

China Building Materials: new contracts signed for existing projects

China Construction Materials Group, including Sinoma International, China Building Materials Engineering, China material energy conservation and other enterprises, has made scientific plans and reasonable arrangements, signed 3 overseas contracts for cement, plasterboard and housing, signed 2 overseas equipment supply contracts, and fully guaranteed over 110 overseas cement, glass, photovoltaic and energy saving projects.

Bureau of Metallurgical Geology: commanding and scheduling overseas production in video mode

The General Administration of Metallurgical Geology of China established a black cyclone (Thailand) Company in Thailand. With the appropriate extension of holidays, the General Administration of Geology and metallurgy will conduct remote command and control of the production process through video. At the same time, a Chinese manager who contacted a non epidemic area tried to book a ticket, and rushed to Thailand to launch production and operation in January 7th. At present, 50% production capacity has been restored.

Guaranteed logistics!

Global air and sea air transport ensures uninterrupted international trade access

Smooth transportation and logistics.

It is the basic guarantee for Global trade.

And other central enterprises to fully protect the global shipping services.

Promote the sustainable development of import and export trade.

China Merchants: take measures to achieve steady growth in Port Throughput

In January, the container throughput of China Merchants port completed 10 million 220 thousand TEUs, which remained unchanged from the same period last year under the dual influence of holidays and epidemic. In terms of bulk cargo, 76 million 780 thousand tons were completed in January, and 16 million 300 thousand tons were completed at overseas terminals, an increase of 9.1% over the same period last year.

Djibouti's international free trade area (FTA) has won a good start in the development mode of the "former port - central post city" development mode created by China Merchants, which has increased 8 contract customers in January, including multinationals from China, South Africa and India. A total of 79 enterprises have been signed, and 11 are in the process of signing the contract, totaling 90, and 11 other enterprises.

COSCO Shipping: dynamically adjusting transport capacity to maintain market balance

In order to ensure the safe storage and export of goods exported at a special time, the domestic terminals of COSCO's shipping industry, while working hard to prevent and control the epidemic, optimize the process and arrange the berthing of ships reasonably, so as to improve the efficiency of ship entry and exit, and the efficiency of loading and unloading, so as to ensure the export of goods at the first time. By increasing communication and coordination within and outside the alliance, we should dynamically adjust our capacity, try to maintain the relative balance between market supply and demand, and actively implement the strategy of globalization, and strengthen the layout of transport capacity in Southeast Asia, South Asia, Latin America and Africa, as well as the development of third country market.

International multimodal transport is one of the important passages of international trade. COSCO actively coordinates the customs, class companies, storage yards and other related parties to ensure multimodal transport services for 24 hours without interruption. It ensures that many export classes such as central Europe, Ou Yaban and Guangxi "new land and sea in the west" have been successfully shipped back.

China Aviation Group: ensure that there are flights between China and the United States every day.

Nearly 100 thousand of the staff of China Aviation Group have been fighting for the spring transportation service and anti epidemic transportation work. Among them, more than 1300 employees in the Hubei region have insisted on the guarantee of Wuhan's rescue flights.

In view of the recent impact of the epidemic on the aviation market, China Aviation Group has adjusted the structure and flights of China and the United States to ensure that there are flights between China and the United States every day, and Beijing continues to sail with four important cities such as Losangeles, San Francisco, New York and Washington.

In terms of transportation support, China Aviation Group has completed the major medical flight support task unconditionally. Since January 25th, it has implemented 25 classes of rescue and transportation charter flights. It has transported nearly 2700 medical personnel, seized over 200 overseas compatriots, transported 205 tons of epidemic prevention materials by charter flights, and transported 642 tons of epidemic prevention materials by over 367 flights of regular flights. Capital transportation.

China Eastern Airlines Group: fully open up the "air life passage" while ensuring normal transportation tasks.

In the fight against the epidemic, China Eastern Airlines has made every effort to carry out the task of helping Israel to transport, so as to fully open up the "air passage of life" in the forefront of the epidemic prevention and control strategy around the world. Since the first implementation of China's civil aviation epidemic prevention and control mission in January 25th, as of February 11th, China Eastern has implemented 50 rounds of charter flights to Hubei, sending 5129 doctors and nurses to Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia to return 339 Hubei compatriots to return home.

In terms of airline operation, despite the substantial impact of the epidemic and the loss of production and operation, China Eastern Airlines is still focusing its efforts on "no break", aiming at the situation of the suspension of some countries, ensuring that the relevant international routes are unblocked, making the charter transport ready, providing convenience for the intercourse between Chinese and foreign passengers, and providing necessary transportation guarantee for the remaining employees, passengers and materials. As of February 11th, there were 30768 flights, including 5443 international classes and 25325 domestic ones.

In addition, in terms of logistics and transportation, China Eastern Airlines has responded quickly and actively opened the green channel. Since January 24th, in addition to carrying out the transport task of 6 sorties of all cargo freighters, 154 operations have been run on all cargo terminals at various shipping points across the globe. In the use of cargo aircraft and airliner abdominal compartments, 1800 tons of epidemic prevention materials have been transported, while 25 thousand tons of regular freight transport tasks have been ensured. Since the beginning of February 5th, with the continuous access of high-speed networks, the truck flights of Hangzhou, Yantai and Beijing have been resumed one by one, using the capacity of self owned trucks and the highway transportation support capabilities of their partners. In February 10th, China Eastern Airlines started running scheduled truck flights in Beijing, Xi'an, Hangzhou and other non scheduled truck flights in Dalian, Tianjin, Ji'nan, Yantai and other places in accordance with road traffic and station reception, providing strong support for the normal operation of customers and resumption of work after the outbreak.

China Southern Airlines Group: ensuring international routes are not broken

China Southern Airlines completes flights arrangement, transportation capacity deployment and backup of unit resources to ensure that international routes are not broken, and that there is sufficient capacity to reload and return routes. According to statistics, from February 1st to February 11th, China Southern Airlines has implemented the 1449 class of international flights. China Southern Airlines conducts daily studies on the flight environment, passengers' travel conditions and epidemic prevention requirements, and plans ahead of schedule for the next 7 days. Recently, China Southern Airlines has gradually increased the number of flights in Guangzhou, Nanyang, Guangzhou Xi'an, Guangzhou Taiyuan and other increasing demand routes, and has increased the number of large body machines to increase seat supply in some large demand routes. In the next few days, the volume of flights planned by China Southern Airlines will continue to improve.

Chinese enterprises in the process of Globalization

It is responsible for maintaining the stability of global capacity and industrial chain.

More capable of working together with partners around the world to win!

The difficulty is only temporary. After the storm, there will be a rainbow.

At present, the rate of resumption of production by sub enterprises of central enterprises has exceeded 80%.

We have reserves, internal strength, planning and action.

2020, the prospect is still the same.

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